Saturday, October 22, 2016

Demonic Sweaters - Helicopter Cop (Cyberpunk) (Drum Playthrough)

Sorry it's been so long since I updated this site. But I've got a pretty good one for you this time :)

A high energy track in 7/4. I started this one with no real idea of where it would go, but then it really took on a life of it's own! Cyberpunk Math Chiptune? I have no idea, but I think it came out pretty nifty.
The entire song and video were produced, recorded and edited in Ubuntu Linux 16.04. I made the main sequences in LMMS, then exported the stems to Mixbus 3.6. I recorded the drums into Mixbus using my Alesis IO4 along with the built-in audio interface on my core2 duo macbook using the jack audio connection kit giving me a total of 6 inputs! Though I only used 5 because my micro mixer has a mono output. So I just put both toms on one channel then panned them in post. I edited the video in Kdenlive.

Drums used:

2015 Tama Imperialstar Bob Kit Hairline Blue finish
Gibraltar floating tom mount system
Tama Iron Cobra hi hat stand (main hats)
Vintage Olympic hi hat stand (trash hats)
Ludwig flat base straight stands (crashes)
PDP boom stand (ride)
Vintage Nuvader Nickel Silver 15" Hi Hats
Meinl HCS 8" Bell
Kasza 17" Dirty Bell crash cymbal
Vintage NuVader 22" ride cymbal (Nickel Silver)
Meinl HCS 16" Trash Crash / Generic 16" brass crash bottom (trash hats)
Vintage Camber 18" Crash Cymbal (Brass)
Aquarian Studio X on tom batters
Tama single ply clear tom resonants
Aquarian Studio X Dot on snare batter
Tama thin clear snare resonant
Aquarian Response 2 Coated kick batter
Remo Vintage Emperor w/ Kickport 2 on kick resonant
DW 6000 kick pedal
Vintage flat base Slingerland snare stand
Vintage MIJ canister throne

Friday, June 10, 2016

Demonic Sweaters - Jettison

Demonic Sweaters - Jettison (see below for lyrics). I composed the song 100% in Ableton Live Into even the vocals. For the vocal effect I used the TAL free vocoder and played the midi parts along to when I was singing. The backing vocals are the Alter Ego free singing synthesis plugin from Plogue. I mastered the audio with Audacity.

For the video I wanted something that represented alien landscapes but also something in 3D. Digging through, I came across this incredible footage by Don Whitaker, Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). I took a few of Don's videos and created some footage of my own using the media generators in Sony Movie Studio Platimun, then edited them  together to sync to the music.

If you like this song, you can download it here



so pretty

the green glow

of the sky

is how

I see

the world

right now


the time-line

or maybe

the space-time

I've gone



than here

jettison jettison jettison

strange birds



as far as I can see

the sun

is two

the moon

is two

the water

is glistening

and sparkling

like champagne

and slow

the time

so slow

the time

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Demonic Sweaters - Atlantis Falls

Here's a brand new song of mine that I made in Ableton Live Intro and Vocoloid with Cyber Diva and Hasuni Miku. The drums and bass were heavily influenced by the song "Key" by Yellow Magic Orchestra. The lyrics were inspired by the comic book, The Atlantis Chronicles by Peter David and Esteban Maroto published by DC Comics 1990.

The basic concept was simple, make a YMO inspired track with Vocaloid singing. The Atlantis concept came afterwards. I'm always obsessed with the legend of Atlantis anyway, and I recently read The Atlantis Chronicles (highly recommended). So when I was trying to think of things to write lyrics about, that's what I came up with.

For the video I used about 15 or 20 stills I took at various oceans, aquariums, beaches, and watery places I've been to over the years, and a couple of my drawings, then used footage from the PC game Atlantis: The Lost Tales - 1997, played by youtuber PeteRoy. I first took all the stills and animated the TV simulator plugin in Sony Movie Studo Platinum, then chroma-keyed the footage from Atlantis:The Lost Tales, over it in what I thought was interesting ways.

The music was composed and mixed entirely in Ableton using Ableton's synths, samples, and plugins, then I mixed the vocals right in the Vocaloid editor. I mastered it in Audacity.

I hope you enjoy it, if you want to download the track, you can here


A dome above the sky

A million reasons why

We'll take another way to the ocean

And if you want me to

Go to the cave with you

I've got a magic spell for the ocean

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

Our science is so strong

Become amphibian

We can breath underwater like the fishes

The best scientists

And the strongest wariors

Atlantis is the home of technology

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

A dome above the sky

A million reasons why

We'll take another way to the ocean

And if you want me to

Go to the cave with you

I've got a magic spell for the ocean

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

Atlantis falls into the depths of the sea now

Thursday, June 2, 2016

MilkyTracker and a Drummer 2

I made another song in MilkyTracker, then recorded some drums to it. I created most of the samples in this one directly in MilkyTracker. I'm really happy with this one, especially the drum sound.

I only had 4 inputs for drums so I miked up the kick, snare, a single overhead, then used a behringer line mixer to run two dynamic mics to one channel for toms. In the mix I painstakingly cut every single rack tom and floor tom hit and put them into their own channel so I could pan them separately. With the single overhead, I duplicated it, changed the eq on the copy and offset it slightly with the original, then panned them LR to give it a pseudo stereo image.

This is actually the second version of this video I made, the first one had some lag in the transitions, so I redid the whole vid in Sony Vegas and it came out much smoother.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

MilkyTracker Drummer 1

Similar to my Protracker and a Drummer series, but now I'm doing this with MilkyTracker on Elementary OS Linux. Samples are a mixture of Fairlight CMI, Commodore SID, and Casio PT60. I set MilkyTracker to 22050hz sample rate with Amiga 1200 resampling (to give a more authentic chippy sound)

Drums used : Tama Imperialstar bop kit

Cymbals used : Paiste 402 14" Hi Hats, Paiste PST7 20" Light Ride (as crash), Paiste Alpha 20" Power Ride

Heads: Remo Vintage A batters on snare and toms with Tama clear single ply bottoms, Aquarian two ply coated batter, Remo Vintage Emperor w/ felt strip resonant

Sticks: Aquarian X-10 5A combo

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Amiga Protracker and a Drummer 5 (Full Motion Video)

Here’s part 5 of my Amiga ProTracker and a Drummer series. I made this one using all samples of objects laying around me at the time in while I was visiting my mom’s in Florida. Samples used were my Casio wristwatch beep, a kalimba (thumb piano) snapping my fingers and tapping on a plastic lid. I then dropped dropped the bounced wav file into Pro Tools 7.4 and added bass, then went into the studio and recorded the drums and this video. The video in this one I was going for a 90s Full Motion Video Game look. I used a green screen and drew the background in GraFX2, then assembled it all in FCP 5.1. To get the pixilated look I rendered using the Cinepak codec with a 256 color palate.