Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mothman 2000

The Mothman 2000 is now Freeware! Get it here!!

  • 2 oscillators

  • Analog / Subtractive

  • Phase Distortion Synthesis

  • FM Synthesis

  • 2 LFOs which double as FM operators

  • Switchable Digital Stereo Delay

  • Switchable Velocity Sensitivity

  • Built-in Oscilloscope


  1. can´t understand how to expect people buying your stuff, without knowing how this vst sounds.
    in my opinion, it either sounds like shit or you just to lazy to put some samples here. both are resaons, not to buy

  2. Well, there's a nicer way to go about saying things, but in the case of the Mothman 2000, if you had read the description, you would have seen that it is essentially the same as the mothman 1000, which is free. There's just some added features. You can also download the mothman 1966 as well as the jlooper, both for free. I would like to have a demo of the z3000, but just don't have the time to do it.

    Thanks for checking out the site.