Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two Words - Concert Toms

Ever since I got this old Japanese Powersonic concert tom off of a guy on an ebay deal and used it at Borracho's, I've started to become obsessed with these weird and somewhat universally despised drums that were very popular in the 1970s.

If you are unfamiliar, Concert Toms are basically a regular tom minus the bottom head and hardware. They started out as a way to make drums stack into one another, then sound men in the 1970s realized the ease of mic-ing drums from the bottom inside the shell, so it would cancel out all of the outside sound.

I listened to the recording of my show when I was using the concert tom, and I found myself loving its weird bouncy and projecting tone. Some people hate it, but I think it can sound awesome if used right. I plan on doing more experimentation with the concert tom sound in Dafrebos, especially right now since we are in the recording process.

The proof that they are just not popular at all anymore, is that there isn't a single drum company producing a concert tom drum set anymore. They sell the toms themselves, mostly used for orchestral purposes, but no concert tom drum sets.

Check out these awesome Slingerland kits that were being produced based on the concert tom concept.


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  1. justin........kenny here..nice meeting you.........yes I have a ludwig octaplus set from 1973 all concert toms(8).finish...walnut cortex..only use one bass drum and keep the other for spare heads going on soon always loved the sound of them..aquarian heads will be the route performance they are not vista lites and they are NOT FOR SALE!!all this talk and yak about vistalites drives me up a wall!!I might post pics of them when I m done ...all the bands I ve been in always loved how they sounded and with the right heads which the p 2 s are designed for them!! heard a guy who was rebuilding a set of those slingerlands in his new!! later.........kenny