Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Children of Mu - Sessions 2011

On this beautiful Christmas Eve I am writing you to announce the release of a project that I am incredibly proud of, The Children of Mu - Sessions 2011.

The Children of Mu is a Fusion Improv project I put together with some of the best and most creative musicians in the area. Think electric period Miles Davis mixed with Faust and Sun Ra. I had A LOT of fun playing drums on this, and finally for those of you who know me most for my drumming have full 3 hours worth of it here. You can click the image on the left to download the MP3 version for free or donate if you like, or you can get the flac or just about any other file version in my brand new DOWNLOAD STORE and see the complete session notes and credits.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Music Video - Lavender Tarantula

Music video for Lavender Tarantula off of my latest album "Coruja" I hope you enjoy it. Download the full album for free here or buy it on Amazon.

Made with iMovie 3 on my Apple Power Macintosh G4 using public domain footage from and my flip video camera. Additional video camera work by Cristiane Nunes Silva Wierbonski.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Children of Mu - 22nd Ave S

This was just recorded last Sunday 8.20.11 at my home studio. This is a Children of Mu rendition of my composition "22nd Ave S" which was first released on Coruja. This version features me on Drums, Rex Shepherd on Guitar, Jeremy Powell on Sax, and K Paul Boyev on Bass. This is a stripped down Mu lineup, but I think that it came out really well. [soundcloud url=""]

Friday, August 5, 2011

Derrick Hart Sunchild

This is a song by my old friend Derrick Hart. I played drums and synthesizer. It was written, sang, guitar-ed and produced by Derrick Hart, with other music by Kirill Nikolai, Stacy Price, Peter Glenn and an absolutely awesome video by Matthew Fish. Derrick has recently been touring like a mad man and released a new album that is VERY worth checking out.
Get more Derrick Hart at Wreckingball Wreckords

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Justin Wierbonski - Work E.P.

This is the first recording released under my real name. I'm not sure why I decided to use this one, but maybe it was because I feel like this particular EP basically came straight from a particular stressful week at work which I translated directly and frantic and chaotic music, hints it's title "Work"

The instrumentation is only drums and synth, with recorder on one track. The synth used was a Yamaha TX81z. Every track was started with the drums and then I went back and improvised all the other tracks afterwards. Basically solo improvisation.

The patches I created on the synth were trying to emulate free jazz sax, horn electric piano and bass tones. Obviously since the TX81z is a 4 operator FM synth, realism was NOT my goal, but rather to create somewhat strange and warped versions of these instruments.

Name your own price, and $0 is an option if you enter your email.


[bandcamp album=3475786897 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Children of Mu

After the demise of Dafrebos, which was at the same time very sad and angering, I wasn't about to sit by and let all of the momentum die off from the many hours spent recording and working on something.  Though the songs we recorded were never finished and what was almost finished was disappointing to say the least the details of Dafrebos' fall from grace is a whole other blog post.

As soon as the word was official that we were calling it quits, I went to work in putting together, or re-putting together an idea I had back in 2008- The Children of Mu.

In the summer of 08 I put together a variety of musicians from the usual channels, world of mouth, craigslist et cetera.. with the vision of creating an ensemble of musicians who could play along with me in creating something somewhat akin to late 60s, early 70s Miles Davis aka Bitches Brew era.

My reasoning for this was not to copy what miles was doing at that time, but to look into this concept and try to expand and explore it more. Now, I know what most people would say here is that it has already been done and it is called "fusion". Well, I would have to disagree.

What Miles was doing on albums like Bitches Brew, Live Evil, Dark Magus to my ears sounds wholly different to what became known as fusion. The other bands besides Miles who were being classified in that genre became synonymous with ultra extended wanking guitar solos, giant monster triple bass drum drum sets, keytars, and mullet sporting Berklee graduates whose idea of music is trying to fit as many notes into a single measure that is humanly possible.

Miles, and possibly very early Weather Report (who happened to share some Bitches Brew alumni) were doing something not like this at all. It was hard to describe. It was rhythmic, dark, intelligent, spontaneous, primal and very very moody. I feel that this sound actually fell through the cracks when Miles went into temporary retirement in 74, and when he came back was no longer doing it, and neither was anybody else.

So in 2008 I put together a group of guys and played one gig at Cafe Bohemia here in St. Pete to some success. The crowd was very responsive and liked what we did a lot. And over all I think there were good moments, but could have been better. Not everybody who was involved at that time seemed to really be on board with what was going on, and some weren't really able to push the boundaries  or connect in the way that I would have liked. There's a lot of grooves where the bass just falls apart early or doesn't keep up for long enough. There were some listening issues at times and some weird vibes too,  so I didn't pursue it much after that one gig.

Dafrebos took front burner for a time as well as the recording of my last solo album, Coruja. I finished Coruja and Defrebos fizzled out, so I started rethinking the Mu project. Gonzalo, who played percussion with me in Dafrebos, and I had developed a very good connection in the past couple years and I knew I wanted him involved. Jeremy Powell, who was in the first Mu lineup on sax, and who had collaborated with me on several other projects was one of my first choices as well.

One of the hardest things to find in this area is a good bass player. But I finally located one who understands the concept, as well as has technical skills and ability to improvise in Adam Deimling. Ironically he was the Bassist for Mants, who was Josh and Alan from Dafrebos' old band.

So in the recent months I've been inviting people over to the Anthill in varied groups and recording improvisational sessions with some amazing results. I've been sticking purely to drums in these sessions. Adam Deimling on bass and Gonzalo Ovelar on percussion have been involved in the majority of these sessions as well.

There has been a very talented rotating cast that includes Jeremy Powell, K Paul Boyev & James Bess (of insect joy), Kevin Wilder, Rex Shepherd and others. There's also been talk with older band mates from Lincoln, The Fun and The Boom possibly making it down to partake in some of these sessions.

Some of the most recent recordings are meeting and even exceeding my expectations and are some of the best improvisational recordings I think I've produced to date.

So what now? The new Children of Mu recordings are going to be scrutinized by me over the summer as I compile them together into an album's worth, or possibly double album's worth of material to be released this fall. We may even play gigs if the right opportunity presents itself.

Check out the original Children of Mu show live audio recording from 2008 below. Despite it's shortcomings, there are still some really good moments.

Justin Wierbonski - Drums, Jeremy Powell - Sax, John Richardson - Keys, Rick Adams - Bass, Ivan Ftorek - Percussion

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drummer Lenny White on Bitches Brew

Very cool blurb by one of the great drummers in Jazz about the classic Miles Davis album, Bitches Brew! -

Bitches Brew is the album that plugged in jazz, so goes the common thought. It makes for a catchy slogan, but as a summation it is neither accurate nor complete. Granted, it is the electric jazz recording that still serves as a wedge point in the jazz community. But truth be told, the music of Bitches Brew was neither revolutionary, nor was it simply about throwing amplified instruments into the mix.

To many who witnessed the lead up to Bitches Brew, Miles’ double-disc album made sense in the freewheeling context of the era, and was most groundbreaking in its use of rhythms. Drummer Lenny White was one who had closely followed the trumpeter’s path, and was ready at the age of 19—and a bit intimidated—when he got the call from Miles to record on the tracks that became Bitches Brew.

Read the whole article here. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Waves Plugins Props!

I've got to say that my recent dealings with the company Waves was very positive. I'm sure you know they are one of the major plugin makers out there, and are popular among the pirate scene, which after my recent experience I would suggest trying not to use cracked stuff by these guys.

I've recently picked up an old pro tools rig for very cheap that is not only no longer supported by Mac, it is also no longer supported by Digidesign. Even if you want to purchase products from these guys for a digi001 system, they won't do it!

However, waves will. A while ago I downloaded some waves demos from their site (version 5) which still run in PT6.4 and Panther, and since I really like the EQs waves has, when they had a special yesterday for only $38 for the RenEQ, I had to get it.

I sent their tech support a message to see if I could still purchase the v5 products for my rig, and surprisingly they said yes, just to get the special and they would downgrade my license to work with version 5. Worked like a charm, and ended up getting a few more from them as well. All are working on my vintage PT rig without hitch.

So many companies just give up support on anything over 2 years old these days it makes me sick. We are such a wasteful society. My rig may be nearly 10 years old, but I can record more live tracks at a time than even the new PT9 interface equivalent.

If you're recording actual instruments, you don't need 8 zillion plugins and sequencing mash-up tools, you need channels! The digi001 has 18 channels, which is a hell of a lot for an interface you can get on ebay for $99.

Waves is smart enough to realize that not everybody wants to throw everything away ever 3 years and then spend thousands more dollars to be able to do less than you could do before. Not to mention their support team was incredibly friendly and talkative.

Props to Waves.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Album "Coruja" officially out!


Be sure to go check out my new album "Coruja" available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, eMusic etc... I worked really hard on this one, and it is definitely a percussion lover's album. Later an actual CD will be available as well. Since Amazon doesn't allow back covers, you can download it here or at least look at it to see the notes.

A partial list of equipment used: Custom made 6 piece drum kit with concert toms, surdo, caixa, agogo, repinique, tamborim, cuica, Paiste cymbals, tan tan, pandeiro, 6" Chinese gong, wood block, Kawai K1 II synthesizer, Casio CZ-3000 synthesizer, Yamaha TX81Z Synthesizer, Korg MS-2000 Synthesizer, acoustic guitar, floppy drive, Pro Tools Free for OS9, Cubase SX, Cubase SE, Audacity, Ecasound, Sure SM57, Behringer C-2, OHS OM450, Tascam M-164, and a buch of other stuff I'm forgetting about.

Get Coruja on Amazon here!


Or download it for free here!
Creative Commons License
Coruja by Justin Robert is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is definitely the most avantgarde and one of the most twisted abstract recordings I have ever taken part in.

This was one of my bands when I was living in South Florida/Miami from 1996 to 2000 and was the last recording I made before I left.

Anti-Pope actually started out as just being called "Pope" and we were a two piece band consisting of myself on drums and Dan Hosker (Holy Terrors, Harry Pussy) on guitar. We played several very intense improvised shows in the somewhat hostile Miami music scene of the late 90s accumulating Henry Rajan on bass and Gerard Klauder on electronics and basically causing chaos wherever we went.

The music scene in the late 90s of Miami was an interesting and somewhat hostile,  scary place. There were a lot of unpredictable people going anywhere from somewhat, to very insane at any given moment. I'm not talking about every now and then having a little too much to drink, I'm talking about true psychopathic and outright dangerous behavior. You never knew what was going to happen. Tables could fly, There was riotous drunken behavior that often erupted in to violent frenzies, and unfortunately Gerard was often at the center of these frenzies, or at least partially responsible for them getting started. However, I cannot profess innocence at all in this period either.

We recorded this album at Gerard's house in January of 2000. Dan and Henry and I improvised all day and Gerard recorded it. Then he cut it to a million pieces and put together a pretty incredible album from it a few months later.

This is still one of the craziest sounding albums I've ever been on and really think it holds up rather well.

Gerard ended up taking his own life a few years ago, and despite he crazy episodes, really deep down was a good hearted person. Rest in peace old crazy friend.

Download the zip here, or stream below.

Recorded in January of 2000 by Gerard Klauder in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Drums, keyboards, alto saxophone, salad bowl - Justin Wierbonski

Guitars, keyboards, rattling wrenches, sticks, beer cans and keys - Dan Hosker

Upright and 5 string bass, banging and clarinet - Henry Rajan

Mixing, cuts and production by Gerard Klauder.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lincoln Videos

Since there's good number of these floating around on the youtubes, I thought I post them up here to share my checkered past with all the readers of my blog.

Lincoln was the band that I played drums for in the early 1990s. We are considered by some to be one of the originators of the sound that became known as "Emo".

Although this isn't really accurate in the truest sense, since even back when Lincoln was playing there was already something called Emo, but it was a different sound.  It wasn't as heavy and the vocal style of Emo of the late 80s was more post-punk like Dag Nasty or Some of the early ALL recordings. So I guess Lincoln could be considered a band that influenced modern interpretation as to what is considered Emo, filled with super heavy dissonant guitars, screaming vocals and spastic drumming to a relatively medium tempo.  However, I don't and never did consider Lincoln an Emo band, we were just a rock band to my ears, and a pretty darn good one at that.

The history of Lincoln starts out in the late 80s in Morgantown, WV as a 3 piece called Ice Fan with me on Drums, Jay Demko on bass and vocals, and John Herod on Guitar and Vocals. Later we added bassist Dan Ball and Jay moved to just vocals. Our sound became a lot heavier and hardcore until Dan moved away and we got Johanna Clausen to take his place. At this time Jay Demko started playing guitar as well instead of just singing. With drums, bass, two guitars and Jay screaming, It was at this time the name changed to Lincoln and our song structures started to advance.

We played tons of shows throughout the North East US and Dan moved back to Morgantown taking back his slot on bass. Once Dan was back in the band our sound evolved once again to a more complex and dynamic sound. Dan and I always locked on quite well rhythmically. Not to take anything away from Johanna, looking back at these videos the one with her in it is quite good.

We toured most of the US in 1993 and it was quite successful and we were actually returning with money made! But sadly, the fun was short-lived since upon our return vocalist/singer Jay Demko announced he was quitting the band for personal reasons.

Overall Lincoln/Ice Fan lasted around 5 years and still to this day the tour in 1993 is one of my fondest memories. We released a handful of 7"s as lincoln, and one extremely rare comp 7" as Ice Fan on Shredder Records in the late 80s. Its so cool to see people posting these videos online and seeing so many nice comments about the music even to this day.

The first video here is one of our last shows of the 93 tour in Detroit, Michigan-

The next video here is also from the 93 tour in Washington DC, I remember we played with the Krishna Hardcore band "Shelter" that night

This one was from somewhere in Pennsylvania and was an early date on the 93 tour

This last set of videos is the oldest live Lincoln footage I've found to date. It is probably from somewhere around 1991 or 1992 and was shot at a place called The Hanger in Wheeling, WV.  My God I'm young here, and check out my cool "Dead Milk Men" haircut!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Should my new album be available on CD?

Okay, my new Album Coruja is all done, mixed and mastered and ready to go. It has already been submitted to the major download stores like iTunes, Amazon, Emusic and whatnot and will be available there in April, so do you guys think it is worth it for me to actually make a CD? I would really like your input here. Vote using to poll below!

[polldaddy poll=4667654]

Friday, March 4, 2011

Miles Davis Electric '73

I just thought I'd share this incredible Miles Davis performance from 73. This is some great footage and performances. Pete Cosey /guitar, Reggie Lucas /guitar, Michael Henderson /bass, James Mtume /percussion, David Liebman /sax, Al Foster /drums & Miles Davis /trumpet

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justin Robert & Jeremy Powell - Gramineae

This is an album recorded by me and saxophonist, Jeremy Powell in 2007. It was recorded on Easter Sunday and the first time Jeremy and I had ever played together. I met him at a local jam session and thought he playing was incredible and asked him if he wanted to come over and record some improvised music. This is what happened.

This is free and intense music of only acoustic drums and soprano saxophone. I really think we captured some great performances here and if you are a fan of the free music genre, you should like this album.

It was recorded with two Sennheiser MD421s going straight to standard cassette tape.  Everything was recorded live and the recording is practically unedited.

Justin Robert Wierbonski - Drums

Jeremy Powell - Saxophone

[audio,,,|titles=Chamaecyparis,Arecaceae, Pinaceae, Quercus|artists=Justin Robert and Jeremy Powell,Justin Robert and Jeremy Powell,Justin Robert and Jeremy Powell,Justin Robert and Jeremy Powell]

Download the full album MP3 format in a zip
Download full album art by Jeremy Powell

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Album Coming Soon!!!!

I spent last night putting touches on a new full length album that has been in the making for about two years. This is the most rhythmic album I'll have released to date, and some of the songs are ONLY drums batucada style, where others are more melodic, but still are heavily percussive. Nearly all the drums are live percussion with no drum machines or samples. Since I've been a drummer for 25 years now, I think it's about time I made an album like this. 

Originally I planned on releasing two different albums, one of just drums and the other with the other songs, however I made a test mix of the two together and really liked the way it flowed.  Since all of the melodic songs were heavily rhythmic as well, they all fit together quite nicely. Plus they all happened to add up to right around 40 minutes, which is ideal album length.  

The songs from my "floppy singles" are all going to be included, as well as a track from 2008 "the life of a goldfish" which never really got a good place on an album as it deserved. It was only released on an out-takes collection limited release called "Banana Face" that is no longer availible.

I used a huge variety of instruments, hardware and software making this album, and plan to list as best I can everything that was used in the liner notes.

Once it's all finished up I'm going to offer it in several different ways, CD's locally or from CD baby, itunes, emusic, as well as streaming and download links from this blog.

Stay tuned for updates!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Floppy Single Limited Release

This is the first batch of extremely limited release of floppy singles I am releasing. There are three different singles all with original hand made cardboard sleeves. Each single has a self-contained song, which means you do not need any type of player to play the song, they will play right off of the floppy disc on any windows based computer (Linux works with Wine installed) with a floppy drive. Each song is in .ogg format and each floppy has a self-contained ogg player. On each disc you'll find a click-able script that opens the player, plays the song and then closes when it's done. It installs nothing on your computer.

On each floppy is a link to download all three floppy single songs in high quality format plus one bonus song which make up the entire 4 song EP. None of the three floppy single songs are available anywhere else to download or purchase.

I have not decided how many I will actually make, but each one will be labeled "first copy, second copy, etc..." but it will be very limited.

Single one is a drumless melodic staticy noise/ambient piece with a chill vibe

Single two is  moody chilled out and creepy with drums and synth

Single three is Latin rhythms and percussion mixed with metallic sequences

One single is $8 within the USA which includes free shipping, if you would like all 3, it is $20.

International buyers is $16 for one and $40 for all 3.

If you are ordering a single floppy, be sure to specify which single you want: 1, 2 or 3 in the "note to seller" field in paypal.  Unless you are one of the first 3 buyers,  your single will not look like the ones above, but will be similar in design.

US buyers single floppy $8

US buyers all three singles $20

International buyers single floppy $16

International buyers all three singles $40

Very Cool Ludwig Epic Modular

I have to say that I am in love with these new Ludwig Epic Modular kits. I think this is such a cool idea, plus this kit just looks dope. Maybe it's because I just started using a double kick pedal, and the idea of having this little dual kick kit looks more appealing than it would have before. I also love the shallow depth of all the shells.

Now what's really cool about this is the "Modular" concept. You can have the kit set up like a Keith Moon-esq double kick monster, or connect the two kick drums together to make a single sub-bass kick. Or you can even mount the second kick like a tom for an ultra crazy setup.

These sets sell for about $890 brand new (not including hardware) which is a great price in my opinion. Sure this is part of Ludwig's outsourced products, so it is not made in the USA, but all of the Chinese Ludwig stuff I have tried has actually been very well made. I even had one of the low-end Accents for a little while and it sounded and was built very well.

This just makes the list of the latest things I'd blow money on if I actually had some.


Friday, January 21, 2011

myspace, arrrrrghh myspace!

Well it's been a while since I went into myspace. I deleted my JR account some time ago. A few weeks ago I decided to create another account. All seemed to go well in creating the account, except for some reason I wasn't getting the confirmation email. I didn't think too much of it and just figured it would show up.

I had my password correct, double checked the email address and even logged in and out a few times that day. But then the next day, locked out! I have not been able to get in since. The site in question is but please do not bother to message me there or even add me as a friend since I have no access to the page.

I am an IT professional in the daylight hours and have literally dozens of passwords, so I work with computers all the time and have no doubt that I am putting in my correct email and password.

I've gone back and fourth with tech support for myspace and still have not been able to get back in after that first day. Clicking on forgot my PW merely tells me that my email does not exist, even though I was able to log in with it that day.

This is just really a vent post of my current distaste for myspace. I can see why its teetering on obscurity at the moment. However, I did have an old myspace account that I can still get into so if you are a ms user and want to message me there, that's the one to use.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Ear is Dread Hear

Be sure to check out this film All Ear is Dread Hear that was made by my friends Sara and Wil. It stars my Dafrebos bandmates Alan and Josh as well as some of my music, Josh, Alan and Dafrebos as the soundtrack.

In three parts strung together by an old Cadillac, a homeless man and his bag of money, All Ear is Dread Hear is a dramatic comedy with and absurdist twist that connects the lives of six people sometimes resisting and sometimes facing their past regrets.

Visit All Ear is Dead Hear Site

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Sister's a Drummer Too! The Listeners


The Listeners


My sister and her husband Ronan have released one great record! The Listeners | Fix | CD Baby. Click the link and check it out, buy a copy and support these guys. If you are a fan of well structured songs with great hooks in the vein of vintage post-punk you will no doubt enjoy this CD.

I'm a pretty tough critic even to my own family, and I really think this is an awesome CD. Chealsea's drumming is the best it has ever been with her solid and rockin' snare fills, and Ronan's songwriting craft and powerful vocals make this CD well worth checking out. You can also get it on iTunes!

Concert Tom Set Completed

[gallery]Okay, I finished up my concert tom set. I've made some improvements over the set you can see me playing in some of the videos on here. I've added front lugs and a hoop to the kick drum because before I just had a batter head and lugs, but due to the thinness of the shells it just seemed too weak that way. Now I also have the option to use a resonant head on the front of the kick, but as it is now, I only have a cut out head on the front to keep the single-headed sound. I've finally got the three rack tom setup the way I like it and with stable mounts. And for the final touch added chrome rings on the bottom of the open drums to look like the Slingerland concert toms. Then just added were the complete set of black dot heads to give that super 70s sound!

New Track! Batuca 3

This is one of the recordings I made for my Batucada project using all or mostly Brazilian percussion. Though this particular track is more of an African inspired rhythm since it's in 6/8. This track features me on all percussion. Congas, Repinique, Surdo, Tamborim and shaker, as well as my home-made Tantan-like drum I made from a concrete form tube and goat skin. I have several tracks like this recorded, but I'm still not quite done with a full album. Sometime this year though I'll be completing it [audio|titles=Batuca 3|artists=Justin Robert|initialvolume=100]

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Track! The Moon Is Not Real

The Moon Is Not Real - Started on 1/9/11 and finished on 1/14/11. Groove is in 5/4

I recorded the drums at Circle rehearsal studio with my custom made 5 piece concert tom kit which includes an 80s Ludwig 6.5x14 snare, Paiste 2000 20" ride, 18" Paiste Alpha medium crash, 19" Paiste PST5 Rock Crash (this is a fantastic sounding cymbal) and a set of Paiste 14" PST5 hi hats (also sound great) I'm really impressed with the PST5 stuff.

22" kick, 12 13 14 and 16" concert toms with single ply clear heads. Mics used were an SM57 on the kick SHS OM450s on the snare and toms, behringer C-2 condenser pair as overheads in x y position. I recorded everything in Cubase 5 via Tascam M-164 and the only instrument used besides drums is my trusty Kawai K1 ii Synthesizer. The sound bites are from none other than David Icke!
[audio|titles=The Moon Is Not Real|artists=Justin Robert|initialvolume=100]

Dafrebos - Taking Antimatters Into My Own Hands

This is the first song recorded by my band Dafrebos. It's actually nearly a year old at this point, but we're finally getting close to having some other stuff ready. The recording was made in our rehearsal space with only two mics on the drums, two on percussion and one on everything else, we tracked everything separately into logic pro. This is an instrumental track featuring me on drums, Gonzalo Ovelar and percussion, Alan Relkin on guitar and Josh Greenberg on Keys. The dark and odd sounding cymbals you hear on this recording was a bunch of the trashiest cymbals I've ever used at one time, but they fit the song perfectly. The hi hats were a weird old set of painted Avanti/Cambers, 20" Zildjian Crash of Doom, A riveted Camber 18" Crash and an old bent up 20" Dixie ride cymbal made from NS12 alloy. The kit I used was a late 80s made in NC Ludwig Rocker with a 24" kick and all original silver dot heads!