Saturday, January 22, 2011

Floppy Single Limited Release

This is the first batch of extremely limited release of floppy singles I am releasing. There are three different singles all with original hand made cardboard sleeves. Each single has a self-contained song, which means you do not need any type of player to play the song, they will play right off of the floppy disc on any windows based computer (Linux works with Wine installed) with a floppy drive. Each song is in .ogg format and each floppy has a self-contained ogg player. On each disc you'll find a click-able script that opens the player, plays the song and then closes when it's done. It installs nothing on your computer.

On each floppy is a link to download all three floppy single songs in high quality format plus one bonus song which make up the entire 4 song EP. None of the three floppy single songs are available anywhere else to download or purchase.

I have not decided how many I will actually make, but each one will be labeled "first copy, second copy, etc..." but it will be very limited.

Single one is a drumless melodic staticy noise/ambient piece with a chill vibe

Single two is  moody chilled out and creepy with drums and synth

Single three is Latin rhythms and percussion mixed with metallic sequences

One single is $8 within the USA which includes free shipping, if you would like all 3, it is $20.

International buyers is $16 for one and $40 for all 3.

If you are ordering a single floppy, be sure to specify which single you want: 1, 2 or 3 in the "note to seller" field in paypal.  Unless you are one of the first 3 buyers,  your single will not look like the ones above, but will be similar in design.

US buyers single floppy $8

US buyers all three singles $20

International buyers single floppy $16

International buyers all three singles $40

Very Cool Ludwig Epic Modular

I have to say that I am in love with these new Ludwig Epic Modular kits. I think this is such a cool idea, plus this kit just looks dope. Maybe it's because I just started using a double kick pedal, and the idea of having this little dual kick kit looks more appealing than it would have before. I also love the shallow depth of all the shells.

Now what's really cool about this is the "Modular" concept. You can have the kit set up like a Keith Moon-esq double kick monster, or connect the two kick drums together to make a single sub-bass kick. Or you can even mount the second kick like a tom for an ultra crazy setup.

These sets sell for about $890 brand new (not including hardware) which is a great price in my opinion. Sure this is part of Ludwig's outsourced products, so it is not made in the USA, but all of the Chinese Ludwig stuff I have tried has actually been very well made. I even had one of the low-end Accents for a little while and it sounded and was built very well.

This just makes the list of the latest things I'd blow money on if I actually had some.


Friday, January 21, 2011

myspace, arrrrrghh myspace!

Well it's been a while since I went into myspace. I deleted my JR account some time ago. A few weeks ago I decided to create another account. All seemed to go well in creating the account, except for some reason I wasn't getting the confirmation email. I didn't think too much of it and just figured it would show up.

I had my password correct, double checked the email address and even logged in and out a few times that day. But then the next day, locked out! I have not been able to get in since. The site in question is but please do not bother to message me there or even add me as a friend since I have no access to the page.

I am an IT professional in the daylight hours and have literally dozens of passwords, so I work with computers all the time and have no doubt that I am putting in my correct email and password.

I've gone back and fourth with tech support for myspace and still have not been able to get back in after that first day. Clicking on forgot my PW merely tells me that my email does not exist, even though I was able to log in with it that day.

This is just really a vent post of my current distaste for myspace. I can see why its teetering on obscurity at the moment. However, I did have an old myspace account that I can still get into so if you are a ms user and want to message me there, that's the one to use.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Ear is Dread Hear

Be sure to check out this film All Ear is Dread Hear that was made by my friends Sara and Wil. It stars my Dafrebos bandmates Alan and Josh as well as some of my music, Josh, Alan and Dafrebos as the soundtrack.

In three parts strung together by an old Cadillac, a homeless man and his bag of money, All Ear is Dread Hear is a dramatic comedy with and absurdist twist that connects the lives of six people sometimes resisting and sometimes facing their past regrets.

Visit All Ear is Dead Hear Site

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Sister's a Drummer Too! The Listeners


The Listeners


My sister and her husband Ronan have released one great record! The Listeners | Fix | CD Baby. Click the link and check it out, buy a copy and support these guys. If you are a fan of well structured songs with great hooks in the vein of vintage post-punk you will no doubt enjoy this CD.

I'm a pretty tough critic even to my own family, and I really think this is an awesome CD. Chealsea's drumming is the best it has ever been with her solid and rockin' snare fills, and Ronan's songwriting craft and powerful vocals make this CD well worth checking out. You can also get it on iTunes!

Concert Tom Set Completed

[gallery]Okay, I finished up my concert tom set. I've made some improvements over the set you can see me playing in some of the videos on here. I've added front lugs and a hoop to the kick drum because before I just had a batter head and lugs, but due to the thinness of the shells it just seemed too weak that way. Now I also have the option to use a resonant head on the front of the kick, but as it is now, I only have a cut out head on the front to keep the single-headed sound. I've finally got the three rack tom setup the way I like it and with stable mounts. And for the final touch added chrome rings on the bottom of the open drums to look like the Slingerland concert toms. Then just added were the complete set of black dot heads to give that super 70s sound!

New Track! Batuca 3

This is one of the recordings I made for my Batucada project using all or mostly Brazilian percussion. Though this particular track is more of an African inspired rhythm since it's in 6/8. This track features me on all percussion. Congas, Repinique, Surdo, Tamborim and shaker, as well as my home-made Tantan-like drum I made from a concrete form tube and goat skin. I have several tracks like this recorded, but I'm still not quite done with a full album. Sometime this year though I'll be completing it [audio|titles=Batuca 3|artists=Justin Robert|initialvolume=100]

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Track! The Moon Is Not Real

The Moon Is Not Real - Started on 1/9/11 and finished on 1/14/11. Groove is in 5/4

I recorded the drums at Circle rehearsal studio with my custom made 5 piece concert tom kit which includes an 80s Ludwig 6.5x14 snare, Paiste 2000 20" ride, 18" Paiste Alpha medium crash, 19" Paiste PST5 Rock Crash (this is a fantastic sounding cymbal) and a set of Paiste 14" PST5 hi hats (also sound great) I'm really impressed with the PST5 stuff.

22" kick, 12 13 14 and 16" concert toms with single ply clear heads. Mics used were an SM57 on the kick SHS OM450s on the snare and toms, behringer C-2 condenser pair as overheads in x y position. I recorded everything in Cubase 5 via Tascam M-164 and the only instrument used besides drums is my trusty Kawai K1 ii Synthesizer. The sound bites are from none other than David Icke!
[audio|titles=The Moon Is Not Real|artists=Justin Robert|initialvolume=100]

Dafrebos - Taking Antimatters Into My Own Hands

This is the first song recorded by my band Dafrebos. It's actually nearly a year old at this point, but we're finally getting close to having some other stuff ready. The recording was made in our rehearsal space with only two mics on the drums, two on percussion and one on everything else, we tracked everything separately into logic pro. This is an instrumental track featuring me on drums, Gonzalo Ovelar and percussion, Alan Relkin on guitar and Josh Greenberg on Keys. The dark and odd sounding cymbals you hear on this recording was a bunch of the trashiest cymbals I've ever used at one time, but they fit the song perfectly. The hi hats were a weird old set of painted Avanti/Cambers, 20" Zildjian Crash of Doom, A riveted Camber 18" Crash and an old bent up 20" Dixie ride cymbal made from NS12 alloy. The kit I used was a late 80s made in NC Ludwig Rocker with a 24" kick and all original silver dot heads!