Friday, January 14, 2011

Dafrebos - Taking Antimatters Into My Own Hands

This is the first song recorded by my band Dafrebos. It's actually nearly a year old at this point, but we're finally getting close to having some other stuff ready. The recording was made in our rehearsal space with only two mics on the drums, two on percussion and one on everything else, we tracked everything separately into logic pro. This is an instrumental track featuring me on drums, Gonzalo Ovelar and percussion, Alan Relkin on guitar and Josh Greenberg on Keys. The dark and odd sounding cymbals you hear on this recording was a bunch of the trashiest cymbals I've ever used at one time, but they fit the song perfectly. The hi hats were a weird old set of painted Avanti/Cambers, 20" Zildjian Crash of Doom, A riveted Camber 18" Crash and an old bent up 20" Dixie ride cymbal made from NS12 alloy. The kit I used was a late 80s made in NC Ludwig Rocker with a 24" kick and all original silver dot heads!

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