Saturday, January 22, 2011

Floppy Single Limited Release

This is the first batch of extremely limited release of floppy singles I am releasing. There are three different singles all with original hand made cardboard sleeves. Each single has a self-contained song, which means you do not need any type of player to play the song, they will play right off of the floppy disc on any windows based computer (Linux works with Wine installed) with a floppy drive. Each song is in .ogg format and each floppy has a self-contained ogg player. On each disc you'll find a click-able script that opens the player, plays the song and then closes when it's done. It installs nothing on your computer.

On each floppy is a link to download all three floppy single songs in high quality format plus one bonus song which make up the entire 4 song EP. None of the three floppy single songs are available anywhere else to download or purchase.

I have not decided how many I will actually make, but each one will be labeled "first copy, second copy, etc..." but it will be very limited.

Single one is a drumless melodic staticy noise/ambient piece with a chill vibe

Single two is  moody chilled out and creepy with drums and synth

Single three is Latin rhythms and percussion mixed with metallic sequences

One single is $8 within the USA which includes free shipping, if you would like all 3, it is $20.

International buyers is $16 for one and $40 for all 3.

If you are ordering a single floppy, be sure to specify which single you want: 1, 2 or 3 in the "note to seller" field in paypal.  Unless you are one of the first 3 buyers,  your single will not look like the ones above, but will be similar in design.

US buyers single floppy $8

US buyers all three singles $20

International buyers single floppy $16

International buyers all three singles $40

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