Friday, January 21, 2011

myspace, arrrrrghh myspace!

Well it's been a while since I went into myspace. I deleted my JR account some time ago. A few weeks ago I decided to create another account. All seemed to go well in creating the account, except for some reason I wasn't getting the confirmation email. I didn't think too much of it and just figured it would show up.

I had my password correct, double checked the email address and even logged in and out a few times that day. But then the next day, locked out! I have not been able to get in since. The site in question is but please do not bother to message me there or even add me as a friend since I have no access to the page.

I am an IT professional in the daylight hours and have literally dozens of passwords, so I work with computers all the time and have no doubt that I am putting in my correct email and password.

I've gone back and fourth with tech support for myspace and still have not been able to get back in after that first day. Clicking on forgot my PW merely tells me that my email does not exist, even though I was able to log in with it that day.

This is just really a vent post of my current distaste for myspace. I can see why its teetering on obscurity at the moment. However, I did have an old myspace account that I can still get into so if you are a ms user and want to message me there, that's the one to use.

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