Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drummer Lenny White on Bitches Brew

Very cool blurb by one of the great drummers in Jazz about the classic Miles Davis album, Bitches Brew! -

Bitches Brew is the album that plugged in jazz, so goes the common thought. It makes for a catchy slogan, but as a summation it is neither accurate nor complete. Granted, it is the electric jazz recording that still serves as a wedge point in the jazz community. But truth be told, the music of Bitches Brew was neither revolutionary, nor was it simply about throwing amplified instruments into the mix.

To many who witnessed the lead up to Bitches Brew, Miles’ double-disc album made sense in the freewheeling context of the era, and was most groundbreaking in its use of rhythms. Drummer Lenny White was one who had closely followed the trumpeter’s path, and was ready at the age of 19—and a bit intimidated—when he got the call from Miles to record on the tracks that became Bitches Brew.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Waves Plugins Props!

I've got to say that my recent dealings with the company Waves was very positive. I'm sure you know they are one of the major plugin makers out there, and are popular among the pirate scene, which after my recent experience I would suggest trying not to use cracked stuff by these guys.

I've recently picked up an old pro tools rig for very cheap that is not only no longer supported by Mac, it is also no longer supported by Digidesign. Even if you want to purchase products from these guys for a digi001 system, they won't do it!

However, waves will. A while ago I downloaded some waves demos from their site (version 5) which still run in PT6.4 and Panther, and since I really like the EQs waves has, when they had a special yesterday for only $38 for the RenEQ, I had to get it.

I sent their tech support a message to see if I could still purchase the v5 products for my rig, and surprisingly they said yes, just to get the special and they would downgrade my license to work with version 5. Worked like a charm, and ended up getting a few more from them as well. All are working on my vintage PT rig without hitch.

So many companies just give up support on anything over 2 years old these days it makes me sick. We are such a wasteful society. My rig may be nearly 10 years old, but I can record more live tracks at a time than even the new PT9 interface equivalent.

If you're recording actual instruments, you don't need 8 zillion plugins and sequencing mash-up tools, you need channels! The digi001 has 18 channels, which is a hell of a lot for an interface you can get on ebay for $99.

Waves is smart enough to realize that not everybody wants to throw everything away ever 3 years and then spend thousands more dollars to be able to do less than you could do before. Not to mention their support team was incredibly friendly and talkative.

Props to Waves.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Album "Coruja" officially out!


Be sure to go check out my new album "Coruja" available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, eMusic etc... I worked really hard on this one, and it is definitely a percussion lover's album. Later an actual CD will be available as well. Since Amazon doesn't allow back covers, you can download it here or at least look at it to see the notes.

A partial list of equipment used: Custom made 6 piece drum kit with concert toms, surdo, caixa, agogo, repinique, tamborim, cuica, Paiste cymbals, tan tan, pandeiro, 6" Chinese gong, wood block, Kawai K1 II synthesizer, Casio CZ-3000 synthesizer, Yamaha TX81Z Synthesizer, Korg MS-2000 Synthesizer, acoustic guitar, floppy drive, Pro Tools Free for OS9, Cubase SX, Cubase SE, Audacity, Ecasound, Sure SM57, Behringer C-2, OHS OM450, Tascam M-164, and a buch of other stuff I'm forgetting about.

Get Coruja on Amazon here!


Or download it for free here!
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