Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Website Devoted to Concert Toms!!!

If you've noticed, I was back to using my concert tom setup in the last Children of Mu show posted below, as well as my last studio session with Will Scecina. I can't deny, I love the sound of them. I think they cut much better, and are more expressive than toms with resonant heads. They really have the ability to jump out at you in the mix. The engineer we worked with in the studio was also impressed with them and actually surprised at how good they sounded.

Anyway, thanks to my obsession with concert toms I was feverishly googling for images of setups to see what what some peoples choices for heads were and I came across this completely awesome site totally dedicated to the infamous single headed beauty that was created by none other than Weird Al's drummer, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz! It's a very cool site with a great gallery of famous concert tom kits, including several of his own. Click the image below and check it out!

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