Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reverend Al's Big Ride! Alex Van Halen Signature Ride!

I obsessed over this cymbal for several months, and think it's probably one of the nicest sounding ride cymbals I've ever heard. My only problem is with the way I set up my drums, I just don't have the space for a 24" ride, I went to a 22" again for a bit,but had to get rid of it too because those extra two inches threw off my whole game, haha.

Anyway, this cymbal is Alex Van Halen's signature Paiste 2002 ride. It's a mammoth 24 inches and doesn't come in any other size. What makes it so cool, is it is actually a bit dark and VERY washy. This could definitely be used in jazz as well as hard rock, which makes it unique. It really doesn't seem to sound much like any of the other 2002 rides, with possibly the exception of the now discontinued "Cool Ride" which I have no idea why they stopped making, since it sounded great. But still, Big Al's ride definitely has it's own sound. Sure to be a collector's item one day too!

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