Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video - GGFL by Derrick Heart - Drums by me :)

Here's a new track from my old friend Derrick Hart. I played and recorded the drums on this song. He sent me a rough mix with a click track, and I used headphones and tracked the drums to his rough mix. I used my Pro Tools setup and miked up the kit using a somewhat interesting mic setup. 

I miked all the drums pretty close, but backed the snare mike up a bit, about 3 inches from the drum and aimed it right at the center of the shell, like the wood, not the head. This is a technique I picked up from the infamous Rat Bastard and it actually does a good job of picking up the top and bottom of the drum. 

The toms were pretty standard miking, but the kick I actually mounted the mic inside the drum, and had a front and batter heads with no holes. Both heads were Clear Attack "No Overtone" single ply heads, which has become my favorite bass drum head. They just sound awesome, and are cheap too! 

The overheads were something new this time, I had one pointed straight down towards my ride and right crash, and the other I had at a 5 o'clock angle from almost the back of the hi hats pointed more forward towards my left crash. This gave a great stereo separation and I think the drums came out sounding rather nice on this.  

Derrick's song is awesome of course, very spacey and almost swervedriver-ish vocals on this track. I like how it's more of a hypnotic piece than a verse chorus arrangement. 

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