Tuesday, January 24, 2012

**SOLD** Wierbonski 20" Dark Fusion Custom Ride Cymbal - $200


[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47836104/dark-fusion-1.mp3]

The 20 inch Wierbonski Dark Fusion Ride is a very versatile cymbal that has been completely re-crafted, re-hammered and reworked personally by hand to create a unique looking and sounding cymbal that is one of a kind. It is very responsive to stick types and playing styles. It features a defined stick definition over top of a complex, semi-dry medium dark wash and a strong, cutting medium pitched bell.

This is an excellent cymbal for Jazz Fusion as well as Funk, Reggae, Latin, Jazz or Experimental Rock! The price is $200. To get a total with shipping and to purchase Send me a message.

  • Weight - Medium

  • Alloy - CuSn8

  • Pitch - Medium

  • Overtones - Musical / Dark

  • Volume - Medium Loud

  • Size 20"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Paiste releases new PST 8 'reflector' line

One of my favorite cymbal manufactures has released a new cousin to the PST line, the PST 8. Having been VERY impressed with their budget PST 5 line, this new 8 series looks very promising. Looks like the 5s but with added hand hammering and an oldschool paiste "reflector" finish. They do look pretty, don't they!

The sound quality of the PST 5 line was already FAR superior to anything in it's price range, so I'm anxious to hear the PST 8s. The large hammer marks are reminiscent of the old 3000 line.

Wierbonski Cymbals Coming Soon!

Soon I will be releasing my own brand of cymbals for drum set. These are customized or "reworked" cymbals that I am re-hammering and other techniques. All is being done by hand personally by me. The idea came originally due to not being able to find that "perfect" cymbal. Don't get me wrong, there are some great ones out there, but sometimes you just want something unique.

I have always been fascinated with how cymbals are created and how colorful they can sound. I've customized a few in the past, but now I actually have some better tools to work with so hopefully will have something to share soon.

Stay posted here for updates.