Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eu Amo São Paulo

This is my third visit to a wonderful city, São Paulo, Brasil! It's a behemoth of rolling hills of brick shanties with thin fiberglass roofs filled with so much energy and life, smiling faces, warm people, delicious and strange food, loud music everywhere, beautiful people, kids playing in the streets, wild dogs running wild, motorcycles making daring moves darting between traffic, tiny alcohol powered cars, loving family, beijos, muitos beijos, high tech electronics juiced from twisted and taped cables through holes in walls, incredibly steep staircases without railings, packed bus stops, people talking in the streets, me understanding more than ever, tons of percussion instruments I want to buy, endless skyscrapers, laughing, playing, working, making great use of what they have, tropical plants and fruits popping through the cracks of cement, love this place.










Monday, April 2, 2012

Jay Demko and Friends New Band - Centers

I got an email from my life-long friend, Jay Demko the other day telling me about his new band called Centers. This is great stuff, Jay is on guitar and oud, which is an African acoustic stringed instrument that has a very unique sound.

Also in this group is Courtney on organ, Jay's wife and long time musical partner in bands such As On and World B free.

Rounding out the lineup are some talented Portland locals to make up a group that blends together world and blues instrumentation with minimal percussion and almost Discord Records-like vocals and melodies. You can listen to and purchase their new album here!

This post is a little short and doesn't really give them the full attention they deserve, but I'm currently on the road and typing on my iPod. Next stop São Paulo!