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Dan Hosker 12/9/65 - 8/11/12

Dan Hosker (December 9th 1965 - August 11th 2012) born in Beverly, Massachusetts, was an American rock and avantgarde guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist based out of South Florida. His distinct guitar style first gained wide exposure while playing second guitar with the experimental/noise band Harry Pussy and influential South Florida Punk band, The Holy Terrors. He also played with The Laundry Room Squelchers, The Bikes, The Girls Named Lourdis and Boise Bob & his Back Yard Band, in which he played the Banjo. Aside from regular band performances, Dan was an avid improviser, and played countless impromptu performances with many of South Florida's best improv musicians.

Hosker's guitar sound was unique in that he blended elements of punk, delta blues, avantgarde and jazz. He would take both the lead and rhythm roles depending on what the music called for. He mostly preferred hollow body, Gibson style, dual humbucker guitars, but was also known to play vintage Harmony's with dual single coils in certain setups. For amplification, Dan mostly used a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

His playing style was aggressive, somewhat dissonant and was very rhythmically advanced. His ability to mesh with the almost indescribable playing of Bill Orcutt of Harry Pussy was a feat in itself. As a multi-instrumentalist, Hosker would often use the cello on recordings to augment his guitar tones, creating dense dream-like and at times beautiful textures. His approach was always to create something spontaneous and unique. This technique can be heard most often in his solo work, Doersam. Hosker would sometimes incorporate dissonant open tunings, slide guitar and a cello bow (used on the guitar strings) in his performances.

Dan was known as one of the most prolific and experimental musicians in the South Florida music scene. As a multi-instrumentalist, Dan played guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, trumpet, keyboards, drums. Hosker was also a carpenter and was known to handcraft unique stringed instruments which he used in improv performances.

Early Saturday morning on May 19th 2012, Dan was involved in an automobile accident on his was back from a gig on I-95. He spent the following months in ICU in a coma, then passed away on August 11th of 2012 surrounded by loved ones.


Doersam (various inst.)
Lacrosse in the Birdhouse Doorway-1999 independant release
Porcupine Petting Zoo-2000 independant release
Doersam 4 song digital ep-2008 Cozy Music (still unreleased)
ALM Compilation "Whats for Lunch" Trk-Skipping Stones-ALM 1998
ALM Compilation "What are you on drugs?" Trk-Away-ALM 2000

With The Holy Terrors (guitar)
Spirit/Shine/Stranger 7"-1990 esync
Cigarettello/Bad Thing 7"-1991 esync
Live Six (cassette only)-1991 esync
Lolitaville-1994 Pound Records
This is what it Sounds like When Youre Dead-2001 Purple Skunk

With Harry Pussy (Guitar)
Untitled aka "Fuck You" (1997, self released) LP
Live at Salon Zwerge, Chicago (1998, Blackbean & Placenta) one sided LP
Live Fuck Love Songs (1998, Infinite Egg) LP
Live (1998, Cherry Smash) 10" - Note: final show, Churchill's, Miami 5/5/97
Split w/ Frosty (1998, Menlo Park) 7"
Split w/ Pelt (1998, Klang) 7"
Chuck +1 b/w Mandolin (1998, De Stijl) 7" (as Radiation Nation/Toxic Drunks)
Live Fuck Love Songs (1998, Hells Half Halo) VHS
Tarot or Aorta: Memories of a PRE Festival (2003, SmackShire) CD
Final Recording Session, Atlanta-3/5/97
You'll Never Play This Town Again (2008 Load)

With Nandor Nevai (cello)
DMT ROK-2007 Savage Land
Exekutioner's Extinktion-2009 Savage Land

With Laundry Room Squelchers (various inst.)
Starched Static and Tumbled Dry-1998
G Spot Remover-1999
Drunker than Pollard-2000
It aint easy Having a Pussy-2000
Phi Phenomena on Wheels Tour-2001
2006 Tour (5 shows)-2006

With Gerard Klauder (guitar)
The External Organ-1999
Black and Blue-1999
Anti-Pope Sheffield Drum Session-2000
Guitar Theives "Buzzards and Bells"-2000
Guitar Theives "9-9-99b"-1999

With The Bikes (bass and guitar)
Get Stolen-2006 ALM
Unreleased EP-2002

With Boise Bob and his Backyard Band (banjo)
Live at Radioactive Records CD-2010

With Wolfboy and the Fantods (drums)
Unreleased CD-2002

With The Girls Named Lourdis (guitar)
Released posthumously EP-2012 on

With Aquafly (guitar)
Unreleased EP-1998

Film Scores:
She Sank on Shallow Bank-2005 dir-Clifton Childree
Something Awful-2006 dir-Clifton Childree


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