Monday, August 10, 2015

Moai is now Manasota

I've decided to rename my Moai project to Manasota. If you have followed my work you will recall an album I made under the Justin Robert name in 2006 called Manasota. This new project isn't exactly like that album, but I think thematically I am in a similar state of mind. Ocean, islands, remote beaches, sandy places, ocean breezes are all things that come to mind to me when I'm working on this project.

The name Manasota is the name of a small Key off the west coast of Florida where I spent a lot of time in 2005-2007. I found it to be very peaceful and healing place and I made a personal connection with it. Since I do have a personal connection with Manasota Key and I've never actually been to Easter Island, it just feels more appropriate. I've also started to notice several other artists named Moai, so that just added to the positive reasons to change it.

I'm also already on my 5th song in this project using real drums, real bass, real acoustic guitars and mostly limiting myself to two soft synths, the Digital Synsations UVI and now very hard to find Mellosound (mellotron emulator). I've still only shared two tracks though and am going to keep all the new ones private until I finish the release.

Anyway, if you haven't checked it out yet you can do so here

You can check out the Justin Robert LP "Manasota" here

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