Friday, June 10, 2016

Demonic Sweaters - Jettison

Demonic Sweaters - Jettison (see below for lyrics). I composed the song 100% in Ableton Live Into even the vocals. For the vocal effect I used the TAL free vocoder and played the midi parts along to when I was singing. The backing vocals are the Alter Ego free singing synthesis plugin from Plogue. I mastered the audio with Audacity.

For the video I wanted something that represented alien landscapes but also something in 3D. Digging through, I came across this incredible footage by Don Whitaker, Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). I took a few of Don's videos and created some footage of my own using the media generators in Sony Movie Studio Platimun, then edited them  together to sync to the music.

If you like this song, you can download it here



so pretty

the green glow

of the sky

is how

I see

the world

right now


the time-line

or maybe

the space-time

I've gone



than here

jettison jettison jettison

strange birds



as far as I can see

the sun

is two

the moon

is two

the water

is glistening

and sparkling

like champagne

and slow

the time

so slow

the time

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