Saturday, May 7, 2016

MilkyTracker Drummer 1

Similar to my Protracker and a Drummer series, but now I'm doing this with MilkyTracker on Elementary OS Linux. Samples are a mixture of Fairlight CMI, Commodore SID, and Casio PT60. I set MilkyTracker to 22050hz sample rate with Amiga 1200 resampling (to give a more authentic chippy sound)

Drums used : Tama Imperialstar bop kit

Cymbals used : Paiste 402 14" Hi Hats, Paiste PST7 20" Light Ride (as crash), Paiste Alpha 20" Power Ride

Heads: Remo Vintage A batters on snare and toms with Tama clear single ply bottoms, Aquarian two ply coated batter, Remo Vintage Emperor w/ felt strip resonant

Sticks: Aquarian X-10 5A combo