Saturday, November 4, 2017

Auterkeia EP on Cassette

My old friend Jeremy Powell, AKA Auterkeia sent me a cassette copy of his latest EP. It took me some time to finally listen to it since my cassette deck was not hooked up, but I got it back up yesterday and checked out the EP.

Jeremy describes it as "The music I made for this EP was heavily inspired by the World Music groups that I was playing with when I moved back to NYC in the fall of 2013.". A pretty modest description for what is an innovative and fascinating collection of songs that combine neo-retro style EDM beats with Caribbean rhythms, and tasteful woodwinds. Jeremy is an excellent Sax, Clarinet, and Flute player. On the simply titled "EP" his composition is as strong as it has ever been in the 10 years that I've known him.

There's a strong tropical, yet intellectual vibe to this collection of songs. Recording production is nothing short of excellent, and I highly recommend getting it on cassette. Since not only does the packaging look amazing, the natural analog tape compression complements the music perfectly and sounds quite excellent.

Very, very nice work.

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