For as long as I've been alive I have been passionate about music. Before I could even ride a bike, I would sit at my Dad's turntable with headphones listening to music until late at night. I started playing the drums and guitar when I was just 10 years old, then later picked up synthesizer, vocals and production. I've played with some amazing musicians and had some great experiences over the years as a musician. In my teens I toured the United States as the drummer of the bands Lincoln and Kukim, then later went on to work in professional theatre, percussion ensembles, as well as dedicate my life to producing and experimenting with music and percussion. I have released scores of albums under the names, Demonic Sweaters, Justin Robert, and others. I have also composed and recorded many percussion and musical works for commercial purposes and my music has been licensed in several countries for everything from travel adds to rum!

I am available for local sub gigs, as well as looking for a full time band who needs a working drummer.

I have a strong passion for sharing what I know and teach private drum lessons, as well as run a very active YouTube channel which showcases my work, as well as provide music production tutorials, drum lessons, live performance videos, podcasts and more! If you're interested in learning drums, you came to the right place. Check my lessons link above to get started!


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