Drum Lessons

I am available for private drum lessons if you are in the greater NYC area as well as anywhere in the world via Skype. Lessons are generally one our each, but can be longer if needed. Call me or email with the contact info below to discuss pricing and availability.

Drum lessons with me are not only about learning beats. I also teach proper sticking techniques, tuning drums, how to hit drums correctly to achieve maximum desired sound and consistency, posture and balance, footing techniques on kick and hi hat, single and double bass, choosing the right equipment, and fundamental reading skills.

Drums can create many different voices and sounds by utilizing hitting techniques and tunings. For this reason I specialize my lessons based on the individual, and what they want to learn, styles they are interested in, and what their goals are. I also help the student learn the many different approaches and philosophies to playing drums.

Each lesson I will provide a followup email that outlines all areas worked on during the lesson to review until your following session, you will also receive mp3, video and written versions of each lesson at no extra charge! 

  • beginner to advanced lessons (I have been studying drums over 20 years and have a lot of tips for all levels of students)
  • multiple styles (rock, jazz, Latin, metal, funk, fusion, Brazilian, reggae, punk, ska, indie, hardcore, dance, EDM)
  • single and double kick
  • tuning (there are many ways to tune drums, learn to tune them appropriately for the style and sound you are trying to achieve)
  • equipment (from purchasing drums, to choosing the right cymbals for the job, as well as assembly, and maintenance) 
  • multi-media free course study material, mp3, pdfs and videos of each lesson

Drums have been my passion for nearly my entire life, let me make it yours too!

To inquire about availability and schedule lessons, email demonicsweaters@gmail.com with the subject "Drum Lessons" or text/call 727-515-7169